Hmm…Pastor caught talking to prostitutes


Facebook user Pastor Akubueze Henry has taken to his page to share his experience with prostitutes he met at 9th mile, Enugu. Read what he wrote below:

I got stranded at 9th mile, Enugu on Tuesday last week at about 10pm as I was returning from a journey back to Nsukka as there were no buses going to Nsukka that night. While I was by the side of the road waiting for Nsukka bus, I saw some ladies almost naked in their dressing. On close observation I got to discover that they were many of them on the other side of the road. I told the young man travelling to Nsukka with me that β€œI will go and talk to them”

This was how my conversation went with most of them I met:
Me: Hello, how are you doing?
Prostitute: Am fine.
Me: How much do you charge for a night?
Prostitute: β€œIs it till day break ?”
Me: Yes, till day break
Prostitute: It is #5,000
Me: I will give you #1,500
Prostitute: β€œNooo….” β€œ I will do you well” β€œTry me”
After we reached a bargain, for some #2,500 and others #3,500, I said,
Me: I will give you something higher than the price
Prostitute: Most of them on hearing this smiled.
Me: What I want to offer you is Jesus
Long story made short, God helped me and I led 1, 2, 3 up to 5 of them to Christ. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Some of them were able to open up to me, sharing with me their ordeal and how they got into prostitution. All of them testified that they were not enjoying the business. Some of them I preached to expressed their fears of how to survive if they surrender to Christ without the business. I encouraged them and prayed with them.

I finished at about 1am that morning. While I was going to sleep somewhere around the area, as there were no buses forth coming, a lady older than me from appearance ran after me and said that I should speak into her life that she has observed me walking around the area that night. I was humbled. I prayed for her and went to sleep.

Please join me and pray for these ones:
Everlasting father, establish these souls in the faith and give them a better God glorifying jobs in Jesus name. Amen

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