University Of Nigeria Best Graduating Medical Student Gets Reward Of N10,000 ($28).

unn best graduating medical student.png

Just months ago Efe the winner of Big Brother Nigeria, you remember the show right? that one Show that a guy was caught on camera putting his hands into a a lady’s pants while she was sleeping. You remember now right? the winner, Efe went home with N25m but somewhere in the south east, University Of Nigeria Nsukka to be precise ,the best graduating medical student ย is going home with N10,000. Funny right? Wrong!!! This is not funny at all.

So after 6 years of hectic lectures, burning the mid night candles, and hard work a certain University Of Nigeria student emerged as the best among her peers but guess what she gets as reward? 10,000 Naira (approximately $28 at the rate of 360 Naira to a dollar). This is supposed to be the a way of encouraging her to strive for more excellence in her future endeavours, this is supposed to be the motivation for other younger students to strive to be the best. This is a very pathetic situation given that the University is one of the Premier Universities in Nigeria.

The reward system in a our society needs serious change. What do you think?





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